Back! And for real this time

July 4, 2016

Man oh man! Have you ever had a project that you really wanted to finish but every time you were half-way, there were simply too many other projects or real life stuff to do? That's what has happened to this website.

It has always been my dream to have one of those blogs I visit on a daily bases. One of those blogs with articles about my work, new technologies, cool tutorials, an explanation of that new HTML5 element or that cool new library. But I simply never finished the site!

There was always some other project or game or something in real life that took over and made me focus on other things!

No more!

This time I mean it! I'm going to blog and nothing is going to stop me! Ok, ok, I know I'm exaggerating a bit but this time it's for real and for good reason! Why you ask? Well I've decided to quit my job and start as a freelance web developer. So no more delays, no more pushing it forward. I'm going for it!

The plan

The plan is make a web development blog with articles about both front- and back-end. So CSS, Javascript and HTML but if there is a good back-end topic (Python, PHP, Databases) I'll also add it to the list.

The idea is to reserve a small portion of my time (about 20% ideally) to check out new stuff or dive into something I haven't used before and write about it!

How hard can it be right? Famous last words...